Mark Birnbaum

Mark came onto my radar some time back, and let’s just say since then I have thought about him a ton.

They guy looks like he is probably just barely into his 30’s, and rolls with some of the biggest names in hip hop, sports, movies and the rest of music.

What girl would not want to date him. What guy would not want to be his best friend.

Mark Birnbaum and his sidekick look like they are just ruling the night in NYC right now.

Could you imagine being him when night sets? Sure he has to work, but he has his choice of going to Catch, to “catch” dinner, (yeh I know it is corny), or strolling into TenJune, or any of his other clubs.

I know it is sort of crazed fan of me to make this site, but I will never be as cool as him, and probably never get to hang out with P-Diddy on New Years Eve.

My next target is to find out who Mark is dating, and who is on track to be Mrs. Birnbaum.

Yes, we do care who Mark Birnbaum is dating 🙂